nested master page not picking up parent

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Aug-2018 16:23

nested master page not picking up parent

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Posted by Community Admin on 14-Mar-2011 00:00

I'm trying to use a nested master page and its not picking up the parent master page. My parent master has, the logo, main menu, footer, and I'm my nested master page will have used for my home page. However, its not picking up the parent.

I tried to create the same scenario in a regular 4 web site and it works, however its not working on Sitefinity.


Posted by Community Admin on 16-Mar-2011 00:00

Hello NuToSitefinity,

Thank you for contacting Telerik Support.

I tried to reproduce this issue with nested master pages, but I had no problems on my side (please see the attached screenshot). Can you,please, make sure you are referencing your Parent master page properly? For your convenience I'm attaching an archive of my App_Master folder, containing the master pages structure that I've used when testing.

Best wishes,
Boyan Barnev
the Telerik team


Posted by Community Admin on 16-May-2013 00:00

I have encountered a similar (but different) situation.

In my scenario, I want to have a template that includes common UI elements and two templates that derive from it for regular content management.
The two child templates have the same headers and footers but the structure of the middle section of the master page is sifficiently different to justtify two master pages.

What I did:
1. Created a master page that has some common features. Let's call that "Base".
2. Created two matster pages (called "Home" and "Content") that inherit from "Base"
3. Created a "Base" template mapped to the "Base" masterpage.
4. Created 2 templates ("Home" and for "Content") that were mapped accordingly to their nested masterpages.

The ourcome is that the widgets and content blocks that are added to the "Base" template are supressed and just the HTML displays in the inheriting templates.

What I need is:
1. To allow common elements and CMS content to be added and modified in the "Base" template (that maps to the "Base" Master Page). 
2. To allow content managers to create pages based on "Home" or "Content".


Posted by Community Admin on 21-May-2013 00:00

Hello Deon,

The behavior you have observed is by design. Please note that only a Sitefinity element can be the container for the widgets you've dropped on your page/template.

In other words, if you have a masterpage(Base), and create a Sitefinity template (SFBaseTemplate) based on that masterpage the template will display the masterpage(Base) contents, but if you drop any widgets on that Sitefinity template(SFBaseTemplate), and create another Sitefinity template(SFChildTemplate) based on that masterpage(Base) (or on a masterpage based on this masterpage(ChildMasterPage) then the widgets placed on SFBaseTemplate will not be shared with SFChildTemplate or ChildMasterPage.
In the same manner as masterpages can be based on another masterpage, a Sitefinity template can be based on another Sitefintiy template.

If we take the above example, if you base SFChildTemplate on SFBaseTemplate, then SFChildTemplate will have all the content form the Base masterpage, on which SFBaseTemplate is based andalso the content from SFBaseTemplate as it's based on that template.

All the best,
Boyan Barnev
the Telerik team

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