Could not find the specified key "ModuleName" or c

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Aug-2018 20:54

Could not find the specified key "ModuleName" or class id "ListsResources".

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Posted by Community Admin on 16-May-2011 00:00

After upgrading from 4.1 to 4.1SP1 I am running into a couple of issues.

1) When I first restart the server and attempt to log in I receive the following error: 

Could not find the specified key "ModuleName" or class id "ListsResources".

The full stack trace is in the attachment.

I have tried to delete the entry in the Sitefinity>Configuration>System.config dealing with lists, but it always comes back the same.  It is different than any of the others:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<systemConfig build="1395" previousBuild="1339">
        <add version="4.1.1395.0" name="Search" />
        <add version="4.1.1395.0" name="News" />
        <add version="4.1.1395.0" name="Blogs" />
        <add version="4.1.1395.0" name="Events" />
        <add version="4.1.1395.0" name="Libraries" />
        <add version="4.1.1395.0" name="Forms" />
        <add title="" description="" resourceClassId="" startupType="OnFirstCall" version="4.1.1395.0" name="Lists" />
        <add version="4.1.1395.0" name="Analytics" />
        <add version="4.1.1395.0" name="Scheduling" />
        <add version="4.1.1395.0" name="Publishing" />
        <add version="4.1.1395.0" name="Newsletters" />
        <add version="4.1.1395.0" name="GenericContent" />
        <add version="4.1.1395.0" name="ControlTemplates" />

2) Once the error happens, I can go back to any of the pages in the public view and the Tools option will appear.  I can then use that to get to the backend of the site via the Edit this page in the backend option. 

3) Upon reaching the backend, I can then  go to the websitename/Sitefinity address and end up on the Dashboard page.  All of the options are there. 

4) If I go to the Pages tab and bring up the resulting page all of my pages are there and everything is normal, however when I select a page and try to edit it things change again.  It is as if a JavaScript file is not loading.  I cannot click on anything...back to pages, more actions...drag a widget.  Nothing happens.  Firebug reports 68 resources loading on the page.

5) This only seems to be happening on pages that were not published during the upgrade.  If I click on the 4 pages that were published when doing the upgrade they function normally.  Firebug reports 71 resources loading on those pages.

I noticed some of the differences in what is loaded and it seems the images for the layout editor do not get loaded.  Also the firebug console has this error in the pages that do not load:
b.tagName is undefined
Line 365

that line reads

on the pages that load okay that line is the same.

This happens no matter the user I am logged in as, although I am currently logged in as the super admin.

Any ideas what could cause these problems?


Posted by Community Admin on 18-May-2011 00:00

Hello Anthony,

Do you have any custom controls or modules?  If you get this error it means that one of the modules is removed from the system configuration and/or it fails to initialize properly. If it does not initialize properly it will not be able to load its localization resources.  

So please verify that your module is correctly registered / or removed - if it is custom module / from your system and the references / dependencies, assemblies / are correctly set as show in our documentation.

If you have deleted the Lists module or its dependency please make sure to visit this thread

where you can find a solution, proposed by my colleague Boyan.

Victor Velev
the Telerik team

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