From inside the Sitefinity Dashboard Page, how do I determin

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From inside the Sitefinity Dashboard Page, how do I determine Sitefinity version?

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Posted by Community Admin on 18-May-2011 00:00

Short question:

While logged into the Sitefinity Web Dashboard, how do I determine which version of Sitefinity this particular website is using?

Context (leading to confusion):

Our server has 3 Sitefinity install folders:

c:\program files (x86)\Telerik\Sitefinity 3.7
c:\program files (x86)\Telerik\Sitefinity 4.0
c:\program files (x86)\Telerik\Sitefinity 4.1

I want to make sure our site is running Sitefinity 4.1 SP 1, which has been installed on the server. I'm afraid to remove or uninstall the 3.7 and 4.0 folders at this time, not sure what impact that would have on our site. Should I leave those old folders? In the future should we continue to add new folders for new versions, or update the latest existing folder?

Posted by Community Admin on 18-May-2011 00:00

Hello Dan,

You can go to Administration, Version & Licensing in the dashboard to see your version. Sitefinity 4.1 SP1 shows Build 4.1.1395.0.

If you use the installer it creates the directories you are referring to for each version which is why I choose to use the Project Manager on my deployment server (usually available as a separate .zip file from the installer). I then extract this file to the root folder of my Sitefinity application and run it to upgrade to the latest version (you will also need a Projects.xml file in your root).

Hope this helps.

Posted by Community Admin on 18-May-2011 00:00

Cool thanks! 

Oddly enough, The 'Build' version is 4.1.1395.0 and the License Details 'Product Version' is 4.1.1339.0. Both version numbers appear on the same page.

I did not upgrade the way you mentioned. I installed the new MSI. Copied my Projects.xml file over to the 4.1 folder. Started Project Manager and clicked upgrade.

Posted by Community Admin on 18-May-2011 00:00

HI Dan,

Yes, I saw the same thing in my version screen showing both version numbers which made me actually double-check to make sure I was actually upgraded to SP1.

I don't use the installer on my deployment server for the reason you mentioned, the creation of these directories in the Program Files directory which I don't need. Project Manager stand-alone does not create these directories, It just upgrades the project.


Posted by Community Admin on 19-May-2011 00:00

Dear Dan

Build is what version is insalled.
The other is what license version is installed

If you click on update license it should get the right license right away and both version # are in sync again.


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