Content Module and Data Integration From 3rd Party

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Content Module and Data Integration From 3rd Party

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I am currently in the process of designing a site that will contain information related to different property buildings throughout the UK.  The setup is slightly strange in that the model will be created to tightly link with sitefinity (hence the content module to make use of localisation in particular) and the user admin side will power the creation of this information.  However in some instances, some of the information will be imported from a 3rd party system and i am unsure how this could be achieved with OpenAccess and the content module model.

My questions are to be succint are:

1) Will i have any issues in using an extenal tool (possible a console app) to take data from the 3rd party app and insert it into the database (maybe i am going to answer my own question here, could possible just use the module dll in the console app ??)

2) Will i be able to pull localised data from the 3rd party database and push it in the database, are there any issues to consider.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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Just thinking out loud here, but is this something we could use the sitefinity webservices for? i mean do the webservices take into consideration custom content modules data?


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Hi Roberto,

You can create your own service that you can access from another applications. In your service you can put all methods that you want. You can follow the logic we used in Migration tool which creates content in Sitefinity by getting the data from 3.7 edition.

Ivan Dimitrov
the Telerik team

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