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create new module

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Posted by Community Admin on 20-Jul-2011 00:00

In 3.7 I was able to create a new module by using usercontrols that went against a table defined by me (a non sitefinity table) and setting up the folder structure such as /sitename/modules/modulename/admin and when I went into the admin portion of the site, I saw my new module.

Can I create modules the sameway in 4.1 or do I have to create a module like the jobs module is built? 

I was able to bang out a module in 3.7 in a few hours depending on the module, it doesn't look that simple in 4.1

I just need a basic module that has 3 textfields and 4 image uploading fields and creating a module like the jobs one looks like a lot of work for something so simple.

So, can I still create a mod like I did in 3.7 or no and what is the best way to create a module to do what I'm looking to do?

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Hello Newtocms,

Modules in Sitefinity 4 are different from those in Sitefinity 3.x. Please refer to these tutorials:

Products module is a backend oriented module which uses workflow to create products in the backend and present them in the frontend. Jobs module is more of a frontend module that collects data from visitors and presents it to the backend user. The tutorials and the module code in SDK will help you understand how to create or modify modules in Sitefinity 4 since you have experience with Sitefinity 3 modules.

Stanislav Velikov
the Telerik team

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