Problem with Search Index

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Aug-2018 20:07

Problem with Search Index

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Posted by Community Admin on 19-Aug-2011 00:00


I have a problem with the search index. I need to make index on the content items and while creating the index I am supposed to choose the default page where content items are published.
In that way only the chosen page is indexed, but I need to make an index for all the content items in all pages all over the site.

Can anyone please tell me how to create that global search index ?

I am using Sitefinity 4.1.1501.0

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Community Admin on 20-Aug-2011 00:00


Is my inquiry not clear enough ? The issue described above is violating the completion of a project. So admins of the forum, please tell me if there is anything not clear enough in my inquiry so that I can make things more clearer. 

And if not, then your response will be much appreciated.


Posted by Community Admin on 24-Aug-2011 00:00

Hi Mohamed,

 When you change the default page of the content items in the Search Index creation, you are specifying a redirect page after a content of the type has been returned as a result of the search. However, this "Default page" property doesn't affect the indexing of all other pages. This means that if you have Content items on other pages, they will be indexed too.

Best wishes,
Svetoslav Petsov
the Telerik team

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Posted by Community Admin on 09-Dec-2011 00:00

I am having trouble understanding this as well.

The "Edit a search index" dialog for Sitefinity 4.3 says,
    Content Items
: All items
   "Default page where Content Items are published:"

What does this mean by 'default'? I have content items published on ALL of my pages.
Is it looking for our home page? or a page for search results?

The documentation, does not say much more:
"6. When you select a content type for indexing, you must choose the default page that this type
is published on. To do this, click 
Change button of the respective content type."

After selecting what I thought I should, I find that my index has no results. So I am misunderstanding
something about the setup. Does anyone have better examples on how to configure the search
index and a sample search page?

Posted by Community Admin on 09-Dec-2011 00:00

After choosing the 'home page' as the default and telling it to reindex, it seems to be working. I still don't understand it completely. There seemed to be a lot more documentation on the 3.x search engine options. Does 3.x search documentation still apply? You guys finding out how to use it from some other source?

Posted by Community Admin on 13-Dec-2011 00:00

Hi Dan Sorensen,

 The purpose of the "Default page" is to select a page from your sitemap that has a widget which can show the content that is returned by the search results. This means that if you index News Items for example and if you select a page that doesn't have a News Widget on it, then when you click on one of the search results it won't be displayed, as there is nothing to display it (You can see that when you click on the item, in the url a date + urlTitle of the item gets generated and the only control that can  resolve the content item by the url and show it is the relevant widget (in this case the News Widget)).

Best wishes,
Svetoslav Petsov
the Telerik team
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Posted by Community Admin on 01-May-2012 00:00

Why on earth would the new indexing index shared content (call to action boxes on the right of the page) and then try and show them on the home page? 
That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. (Yes we chose the home page in the index setup, but that's not the point)

It doesn't make much sense at all. 

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