System-wide cache settings

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Aug-2018 18:50

System-wide cache settings

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Posted by Community Admin on 06-Sep-2011 00:00

We just discovered that somewhere between 4.0 and our upgrade to 4.1 and eventually 4.2, SF started applying output caching to all pages in the site.  On v4.0 we had set up caching on only the pages that were safe to cache, and left caching turned off on secure or personalized pages where it was not possible.  As a result of the new cache settings that were automatically applied, we just found out we had exposed users' data to other users on the site accessing the cached pages for the past couple of weeks.

Would have been nice if SF respected the cache settings that I had in place before the upgrade.  If caching was not turned on for a given page, that meant I did not want to cache it, not that I didn't care whether it was cached or not.  System-wide cache profiles sounds like a nice feature for new installations, but the repercussions on an existing installation are somewhat severe.  Seems as though the feature should have been turned off by default, or smart enough to detect existing cache settings.

Please help me understand if I missed something somewhere in the upgrade process.  It's entirely possible I missed a breaking change, or that we had something set up wrong to begin with.


Posted by Community Admin on 12-Sep-2011 00:00

Hello Matt,

Please excuse us for the inconvenience caused. Correct me if I'm wrong but we did release official output cache implementation with our Sitefinity 4.1 build 4.1.1339. However, at a later point in time, trying to address client feedback we developed the cache profile settings, which would have invalidated any previous settings on the page level. Once again, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience that's been caused, but it looks like the behavior that you've experienced might have been a result of the cache profile introduction.

All the best,
Boyan Barnev
the Telerik team

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