Feature prices / Roadmap 5.3

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Aug-2018 08:19

Feature prices / Roadmap 5.3

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Posted by Community Admin on 22-Oct-2012 00:00

When can we expect to see the new 5.2 features to appear here: www.sitefinity.com/.../full-features-list

When can we expect to see the new 5.3 raodmap?

Here art the little things I am wishing for 5.3. Well it's December release x-mas - so why not place some wishes :-)

Lots of small stuff clients are asking for

- Sort Image Libraries alphabeticaly
- Don't have the backend change language acording to frontent language
- Just open up SBE for mulitple backend languages. Keep 1 frontend language
- ImageWidget. Select Thumb, Select Big => Lightbox
- Image Libraires Permissions - Make them work like page - no need to revoke rights every time
- Newsletter send timer (so we can use them in shared hosting envirements)
- Newsletter make fileds mandatory, add fields
- Module Builder Date Time and only Date NO Time
- Name the content placeholders so people know where they are putting stuff.

PITS and Sugestion Forums are Full of great ideas.

- Sorting in Variuos places. Like Modules
- Dashboard get some function in it or at least let us skip it. - Yeah you read it before :-)
- Multilingual Images, Documents and stuff
- GroupPages redirecting down to first true page all the way down in hiarchy
- Image or Newsrotator Widget
- Vertical Navigation with flyout
- SMTP Testing in Advanced optoins
- Name Placeholders
- Search results with Description of page
- Tooltip NOT Description in navigation
- Include Spellcheck for all available languages (feature says 10 languages only 3 included out of the box)
- SMTP Setup wizzard for new projects
- Filter Pages waiting for approval
- Captcha build into widgets
- Two images same Title -> Url warning
- Redirect to page not to be shown in navigation should work like extrenal pages
- Clean up PITS which quite a view bugs open for 5.x or not scheduled which might have been solved. If not it would be nice if they were.


Posted by Community Admin on 22-Oct-2012 00:00

I've got a long list of issues I've been hoping to see addressed, but I guess top of my list are a couple that I've tried submitting as suggestions and even to PITS, but never seem to go anywhere.

1. Provide an option for FieldControls (e.g. ImageField) to open their client 'selector' dialog in 'pop-up' mode, rather than only allowing an embedded dialog.
e.g. demos.telerik.com/.../defaultcs.aspx

The reason for this is that they are often next to useless when used in a Control Designer, as the embedded nature means that you are forced to re-size the containing dialog (which is the main property editor) and that is often next to impossible if it's larger than the FieldControl dialog... creating an ugly, confusing mess of one dialog partially overlaying the other.

2. Make the various client APIs (e.g. FieldControls) consistent and complete, and DOCUMENT it !!

As an example: The PageField control has events for Opening and Closing the selector dialog, but the ImageField does not. The means you are forced to 'fake' it, by subscribing to multiple dialog element events (e.g. button clicks) and it is not totally reliable.

As another example: The various get_<item>(), set_<item>() public methods are not consistently available across the API, and (of course) not documented... forcing you to spend far too much time exploring the client objects with a debugger, to try and find out how to do really basic things such as get/set values... and which leaves you open to your code being broken should Telerik change non-published properties/methods in the future.

Posted by Community Admin on 01-Nov-2012 00:00

I love these lists and ended up here wondering the same about 5.3.  What's in it??

My X-mas wish list would include:

- An hover or click status for the various buttons once an Ajax action is sent.  I've watched my users edit text and click to save, then click again, and again all while wondering why the submit button isn't working.  A simple css :hover and :active would fix this and add some nice polish to the product.
- The Templates area needs some love.  Search, sort, last modify would be greatly appreciated as it's spoiled me from the Pages area.
- Option to duplicate a Form. Starting from scratch just plain sucks.

Posted by Community Admin on 02-Nov-2012 00:00

  Form Duplication!  Good one!  Yeah sucks, especially if you forget to set the developer name on a control...


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We do have plans to include this in a future release. Although we have not been able to include in for the upcoming Sitefinity 6.0 version, the feature request is in our backlog, you can follow its progress and vote for its popularity here in PITS

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the Telerik team
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