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Posted by Community Admin on 03-Aug-2018 10:19

Publish to Linkedin

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Posted by Community Admin on 14-Jan-2013 00:00

Is there any ability (out of the box or marketplace module) that allows content creators to publish content to LinkedIn?


Posted by Community Admin on 15-Jan-2013 00:00

Hello, Nick!
There are several ways to publish things in LinkedIN, there are also some applications, can you please tell me what do you refer to so I can check if there is already a functionality to do that?

For example do you mean posting a status update with the link to the page one publish or you have something different in mind?

Posted by Community Admin on 16-Jan-2013 00:00


The specific requirement right now is whenever a new news item is published the link and headline is automatically published to the company's LinkedIn page.

The same functionality might also be needed for module builder items too, but the news is the first one to tackle.

Would be keen to hear what options there are for an integrated solution.


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