Evaluating features

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Evaluating features

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Posted by Community Admin on 09-May-2013 00:00

I am evaluating the features of Sitefinity. There is a lot of information about Sitefinity in CMS features list (www.sitefinity.com/.../cms-features-list) but I need more specific information about the following points:
It says "Support for Windows Azure", but it supports azure web site deployment? SQL Azure? and Azure storage?
How about on-premise deployment? For example using IIS?

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Sitefinity support Azure deployment as Azure cloud service, Azure websites are not supported.
For Azure deployment use Sitefintiy Thunder visual studio plugin which automates configuration preparation to deploy sitefinity in the cloud, scripting and uploading the database to SQL Azure, creation of the cloud service where the site will run, packaging and uploading the Azure deployment package.

For Azure storage refer to this documentation.
To deploy sitefinity on IIS refer to the IIS requirements on IIS settings required to run the site. In IIS sitefinity is deployed as standard asp.net web application.

All the best,
Stanislav Velikov
the Telerik team

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