Display shared content by tag

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Display shared content by tag

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Posted by Community Admin on 10-Jul-2014 00:00

I've created several tags and used them to tag several news and document items.  On the page where I use the Tags widget I've set the BaseURL as an existing page on the site.  On this existing page I've then dragged the news & documents widgets onto the page, without changing any of the settings. If I then go to the page that lists all the tags and click on one, I'm then redirected to the BaseURL page where it will only display news and documents that I have tagged with the tag I selected.

This is all fine.  However, the problem I have is with shared content. I can tag shared content, but I can't find a way of displaying only shared content that has been tagged with a specific tag in the way I can with news and documents. Simply dragging an empty content block on the page doesn't work.

Is this at all possible and if so, how can I do it?


Posted by Community Admin on 15-Jul-2014 00:00

Hello Neil,

Currently, this is not supported, since the ContentBlock widget will not resolve by the Url evaluation and will not bind to items containing a specific classification. As a workaround, I could suggest creating a custom widget which will evaluate the Url, extract the passed classification and query the content blocks using the API, as described in our documentation.

Nikola Zagorchev

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