How to start syncing a new website in multisite

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Aug-2018 17:05

How to start syncing a new website in multisite

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Posted by Community Admin on 26-Aug-2014 00:00

Once, I had a multisite which I named its database 'multisite_author', created a copy of the database which I named 'multisite_live'.

I stood up another instance of my sitefinity license against 'multisite_live', and now I have 2 instances.

I setup the sitesync screens for authoring/sending and live/receiving, and now content from multisite_author is flowing to multisite_live on a schedule.

Note the multisite has 3 sites.
Note this has been working for months.

Now a 4th site is created in multisite_author, which does not exist in multisite_live. Lets name this new site 'new_site'.

Note this site does not exist in multisite_live, and the sync process says " new_site does not exist ".

Does anyone know what's nexts in this story so that multisite_author and multisite_live are happily in sync again (with the same four sites each) ????



some other facts in this story:

- created an empty site in multisite_live with the same name, this made the sync happy because it now finds a site with the name, but the sync for this site's pages fails, with 404, it claims the action is 'Updated' and that I should please check logs for further information, but there is not further information to be found...

- doing a database restore from author to live is not an option, there is form submission information in live that is not in author (only one-way sync), and I loose domain mappings on sites and other stuff, which I do not know about.

Thanks for any help!


Posted by Community Admin on 29-Aug-2014 00:00

Hello Ernesto,

As mentioned in the support ticket you have earlier opened, the main issue is that the configurations must be the same and the only workaround is to duplicate the databases&config files (they are completely different) prior creating any new content on your siteA as this is one of the prerequisites in our online documentation: Prerequisites and restrictions

  • If you have multisite license, you must have the same sites, configured on both the target and the source servers. For more information, see Multiple site management.
Kind regards,
Vassil Vassilev
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