FrontEndLoginPageUrl Not Redirecting

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Aug-2018 03:53

FrontEndLoginPageUrl Not Redirecting

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Posted by Community Admin on 16-Jan-2015 00:00

On version 7.3.

I've set this up and it's worked fine in the past, but it was with a site with a configuration I couldn't even begin to recreate.  Here are the steps I took, can anyone tell me what's missing?

  1. Create & setup a fresh site.
  2. Create and publish 2 pages: landing & login
  3. Set page permissions for all pages to view by Authorized only.
  4. Override pages permissions for login and set to view by Everyone.
  5. Set (Advanced > Project > Default Site) FrontEndLoginPageUrl to ~/login. [tried various absolutes; other site used relative w/ success]
  6. Browse to /landing in an incognito window
  7. Page is redirected to Auth Service page. (/Sitefinity/Authentication/SWT)

 What setting(s) could I be missing to allow this to work properly?  My next step is to override during bootstrap, but I'd like to know if there's something I'm missing to make this core feature not work.


Posted by Community Admin on 16-Jan-2015 00:00

Is this the problem where you have to edit the login widget and set the default page or landing page property (can't remember what it was called)?

Posted by Community Admin on 16-Jan-2015 00:00

This should be that.  In my previous implementation of this, I did not use a Sitefinity Login widget, I made a custom widget with a button that redirected the user to an auth service.  There wasn't any widget magic required for the system to redirect unauthorized requests to a different page.


Posted by Community Admin on 16-Jan-2015 00:00

The problem is that in order for FrontEndLoginPageUrl to work, the Multisite module cannot be enabled.   This should be added to the documentation either on the screen or the Frontend login page documentation.

Posted by Community Admin on 21-Jan-2015 00:00

Hello Christian,

In order to set the login page where the users to be redirected when they access a restricted page in a multisite mode, please perform the below steps:

  1. Expand the selector in the upper-left corner of the page and click Manage sites.
  2. Click the Actions button of the site and in the dropdown menu, click Properties.
  3. Expand Advanced section.
  4. Under Address for public users login, select Select a page… radio button, click Select a page button and select the frontend login page.

Sabrie Nedzhip
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