Sitefinity 8 install

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Aug-2018 15:32

Sitefinity 8 install

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Posted by Community Admin on 21-Mar-2015 00:00

Hi guys,

I have version 7.x installed and downloaded and just downloaded the latest 8.x project manager. It's only a single exe. Should I just copy the 8.x exe over top of the 7.x one or is there a full install I'm missing?


Posted by Community Admin on 23-Mar-2015 00:00

Dear Bil

 I have folder for each version


7.1.nnn1 IR


If you create a project it will create an _EmtpyPorject folder with a blank project you can use to see what dll are supposed to be in the project

 If you keep it seperate you can not only compare the 8.0 bin dll to what you have but also what should be on youir 7.0 project.

 Sometimes you upadate and forget to delete stuff.

Also I keep my languages files in the corresponding version.

 So no - My personal answer would be to keep it in seperate folders!

 See step 1. b a on that page. This is easy for me if I keep it in seperate folders.


Just my 2 cents





Posted by Community Admin on 23-Mar-2015 00:00

Yeah markus has a good way...never use the installer, no need :)

Posted by Community Admin on 27-Mar-2015 00:00

Got it. Took me a minute to realize the project manager created the _EmptyProject folder so now it makes sense and I'll probably follow the setup Marcus has. What threw me was that there were a bunch of "artificialXXX.dll" files in with the original installer. Not sure what they're used for but apparently not needed. Thanks guys!

Posted by Community Admin on 27-Mar-2015 00:00

Yeah when you realize the project manager just facilitates "Copying" the dlls from emptyproject into the selected projects bin folder...updating Sitefinity becomes trival :)

 (It also updates the webconfig now too though when required)

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