How can I make the Page RadEditor overlay bigger?

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Aug-2018 13:24

How can I make the Page RadEditor overlay bigger?

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Posted by Community Admin on 17-Jun-2015 00:00

When I click the "Edit" link on a page in Sitefinity, the overly that comes up with the RadEditor is disappointingly small. On my monitor, which is set to 1680 x 1050, the entire RadEditor overlay is only 43% of the full viewport, and the working space inside the editor is barely 36% of the viewport size. Even if I load my front end styles into the editor to make it behave more like the real site, it's way too small to work with.

 I know there is a "full screen" option, but it's hidden under Advanced Options, and I doubt my clients will remember to click it anyway. I think it would be a lot better if I could set the percentage size for the editor overlay. I can't even override it in CSS because when I inspect it in Firebug, the overlay dimensions are added as inline CSS, which gets the most priority.

Is there anything I can do to change the size of the overly?

Posted by Community Admin on 22-Jun-2015 00:00

Hi Joshua,

In order to change this behaviour you have two options:
- Move the  Toggle Screen Mode in the 'Simple view' under
  Administration > Settings > Basic > Text Editor > (Default tool set) Edit, than move the 

<tool name="ToggleScreenMode" />
from the bottom of the list to a desired place. More information is available here

- Add custom CSS of the editor (HtmlFiled) replacing the default one. You can find samples how to replace the HtmlFiled in the ViewMap here and here. The templates (including the HtmlField) for the different Sitefinity versions are available on GitHub:

I hope the information helps.

Svetoslav Manchev
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