Editing Radeditor and inserting a font

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Editing Radeditor and inserting a font

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Posted by Community Admin on 24-Jun-2016 00:00

I am a new user to sitefinity and I want to add 30 fonts to be used throughout one theme which can be interchanged through the frontend. I already applied it through the style.css of the theme however it did not alter the widget font. So I got creative and over-road all the contentblock headings however I want 30 fonts and I don't h1-h30 headings and having to guess which one is which so I started editing the RadEditor. I want the fonts to show up in the dropdown font menu. I have tried editing the StandardToolsFile.xml did not work, I have tried the C# (but unsure exactly where to input it so I might have put it in wrong), I have tried the ASP.NET which worked but it didn't go in the content block and wouldn't disappear from the page.
XML File s

<tool name="FontName" />
<item name="Arial" />
<item name="Arial Narrow" />
<item name="Arial Black" />


RadEditor1.FontNames.Add("Arial Narrow");
RadEditor1.FontNames.Add("Arial Black");

ASP.NET (worked it was inserted into the master and trired seperately in an ascx)

<telerik:RadEditor RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadEditor1">
<telerik:EditorFont Value="Arial" />
<telerik:EditorFont Value="Arial Narrow" />
<telerik:EditorFont Value="Arial Black" />

I've attached photos of my content block and my appearance settings. Please help!

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Please check this forum thread where this has been discussed and also check the video and the screenshots attached to that thread for reference:


Sabrie Nedzhip

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