Sitefinity 8.0 Internal Builds

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Sitefinity 8.0 Internal Builds

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This thread contains release notes for Sitefinity 8.0 version internal builds. These are the distributions built automatically from our source repository and include all latest fixes (new features are usually not included). If you have experienced any problem with the current official distributions there is a possibility that the issue has already been addressed in the latest internal build.

The builds are available in the internal builds section of your Telerik accounts and will help you address critical issues without waiting for a major release or even a service pack. We recommend upgrading to the hotfix builds only if you experience the particular problems that were fixed in some of these builds.

The internal hotfix builds have passed our fully automated test suite - which includes thousands of functional, integration, unit and performance tests. The actual bug fixes have also passed strict manual quality assurance and performance tests. These builds have not passed our full manual regression testing cycle that we do before each official release. These releases will not include breaking API changes, database changes and high-regression potential changes or fixes. Upgrade from these builds to the consecutive official release is fully supported. 

The bug fix builds can be installed by any customer having a license for the particular official version that precedes them - that's the same policy we have for the service packs.

The downloads are activated only if you have first downloaded the major official version that precedes them. For example, internal hot fix builds for 8.0 are available if you have downloaded 8.0. version( the official build number is 8.0.5700.0)

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Sitefinity 8.0.5701 Version Notes


What's fixed

Module builder

  • GetDataItem does not filter by the type parameter (FP).


  • RSS feeds mapping settings for the RSS Feed cannot be edited (FP).


  • MVC layouts render invalid markup for statistics script (FP).

Sitemap generator

  • Relative Urls are generated when frontend pages require SSL (FP).


  • Old comments widget (prior Sitefinity 6.2) is not working on Sitefinity 8.0.


  • RadEditor filters are not applied when entering text in HTML mode (FP).

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Sitefinity 8.0.5702 Version Notes

What's new


  • Paging for hierarchical taxonomies (FP).

You can configure the default number of loaded items on each request by setting DefaultPageSize configuration property in Administration-> Settings -> Advanced -> Taxonomy.
The default value is 50, which means that ​50 items are going to be loaded with each request.

What's fixed


  • Opening content item for edit invalidates the page cache for pages with that content widget.


  • DownloadList widget throws exception in Page edit mode when the selected mode is "Table" and the control is "misplaced"(FP)

Labels and Messages

  • Sitefinity back-end labels change depending on the language of the opened page (FP).

Module Builder

  • Dynamic Content items hierarchical filtering and sorting by field throws exception on first load (FP).
  • Address field for a dynamic module prompts for location every time (FP).
  • Related data cannot be retrieved from item in the DynamicContentUpdated Event (FP).

Back-end Pages

  • All classifications back-end page cannot be opened for edit

Digital Experience Cloud

  • jQuery is not loaded for DEC Insights back-end page in single site scenario


  • Feeds in multisite in monolingual does not show dynamic item if there is second site which is in multilingual (FP)


  • Profile update throwing error in case Audit Trail module is Active (FP).
  • CampaignOverview class is now public (FP).
  • Provided virtual methods for TaxonomyService  and ProductTypesService

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Sitefinity 8.0.5703 Version Notes

What's new

  • Configuration option for enable/disable metadata caching (Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Data -> 'Disable meta type cache')

What's fixed


  • TempData is lost after moving from one controller to another (FP)
  • HttpContext.CurrentHandler returns null in MVC widgets​ (FP)
  • FileResult returns document with 0 bytes (FP)​


  • Additional URLs get 404 error (FP)

    Now there is a setting ( Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Libraries -> MediaFilesAdditionalUrls -> Media items additional URLs relative to site root (not to a containing page) ). It allows arbitrary additional URLs for a library item (Image, Document or Video) to be added and those URLs will redirect to the default one for the item.
    When this option is enabled there might be some performance penalty if there are many non-standard additional URLs and ​they are changed frequently.


  • Workflow notifications aren't sent to administrators (FP)


  • Login name is not displayed on home page for any user but Administrator​ (FP)


  • Language selector does not consider url parameters (FP)​
  • Invalid web resource Url containing not encoded chars - '&'​ (FP)

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Sitefinity 8.0.5704 Version Notes

What's new

  • Content block: Added paging in the shared content block selector  

What's fixed

  • BeginFormSitefinity helper method does not work when performing post on the home page (FP)
  • BeginFormSitefinity helper method does not work when there are multiple forms on a page \valid for Hybrid mode only\ (FP)
  • Widget that performs redirect on HttpPost doesn't work if you access the home page directly without pointing the url (FP)
  • Using AntiForgeryToken attribute causes an error (FP)
  • The Url property of the Controller class is null (FP)
  • Page precompilation does not work for page templates in Pure mode (FP)
  • Using of PageData in controller breaks the page indexing (FP)
  • Setting the ToolboxesConfig.config file in read only mode results in error when returning file result in controller action (FP)
  • Forums: International characters in the thread's title/body are escaped (FP)
  • Forms: The SaveFormEntry method of the FormsControl class throws exception in NLB environment with huge load
  • Content block: New shared content is not visible on the list of available shared content

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Sitefinity 8.0.5705 Version Notes

What's new 

Module builder

  • When creating dynamic content item in multilingual, not translated related images are marked with "not translated" label and are displayed grayed out

What's fixed

Email campaigns

  • Possible to bypass validation when user subscribes to mailing list


  • Date picker doesn't work for "End date" when creating a past event in the same day (FP)

Module builder

  • ​Choice field: Selected field in configurations not affecting default choice (FP)
  • Negative numbers between 0 and -1 throw invalid number (FP)


  • Social share: LinkedIn big icon with counter does not display count (FP)
  • ContentBlock breaks page functionality when specific HTML is added to the page (FP)

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Sitefinity 8.0.5706 Version Notes

What's new 

Module builder

  • When creating dynamic content item in multilingual, not translated related ​documents and videos are marked with "not translated" label and are displayed grayed out

What's fixed

Content block

  • Pressing enter while editing a shared content block in Html mode, will save the content block and will redirect you back to the list view (FP)


  • ControlCssClassOnError and Validator MessageCssClass are not applied for forms controls (FP)

Module builder

  • Custom provider inheriting from OpenAccessDynamicModuleProvider does not fire IDynamicContentEvents from the EventHub (FP)


  • Html.BeginFormSitefinity doesn`t send a file for upload using Kendo Uploader (FP)


  • Having more than 150 roles for a user makes the auth cookie larger than 4096 bites (FP)


  • Video widget: Unable to edit a page where the MediaPlayerControl is located if Silverlight is used (FP)

Posted by Community Admin on 01-May-2015 00:00

Sitefinity 8.0.5711 Version Notes

What's fixed

Recycle bin
  • Recycle bin scheduled task doesn't properly check if an item has been deleted. In some cases this might delete pages that are restored from the recycle bin and not supposed to be deleted.

Posted by Community Admin on 08-May-2015 00:00

Sitefinity 8.0.5712 Version Notes

What's fixed

Recycle bin
  • Recycle bin scheduled tasks for permanent data deletion failed with SQL time out exception for Dynamic content items.
  • Sitefinity content do not update automatically from External RSS Feeds - scheduled tasks are created but not executed (FP)
  • Regression in BeginSitefinityForm since 8.0.5704.0 causing it to render broken action URLs.

Posted by Community Admin on 15-May-2015 00:00

Sitefinity 8.0.5713 Version Notes

What's fixed

Email Campaigns

  • The ampersand in the links added to the email campaign issues are being encoded when using the Rich Text (HTML) type (FP)


  • Unable to duplicate widgets dropped on the page by other users (FP)
  • Resource not downloading for a Layout Control (FP)
  • Document manager can't be opened using "Edit properties" option in Content Block widget (FP)
  • Reordering images functionality is not ordering images properly (FP)
  • The "null" appearing below the title on a settings page for a collection item
  • Page preview does not work​ when specific control properties ​are modified

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Sitefinity 8.0.5714 Version Notes

What's fixed


  • Preview of pages with controllers with no default constructor throws an exception
Site Sync
  • Site Sync list of sites that can be synced can`t be paged (FP)


  • Error messages are logged every time when a page with a Product list widget is being requested (FP)

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Sitefinity 8.0.571​5 Version Notes

What's fixed


  • Having more than one library of different types with the same urls stops rendering the items and results in exception (FP)
  • Multilingual: delete translation of a page that has child page, but not in the current language is possible from Actions->Delete and not from page edit screen of this page (FP)
  • LastLoginDate of front-end users is not updated (FP)
  • UsersIsOnlineTimeWindow is not working (FP)
  • Frontend users are not redirected to the url specified in the ReturnUrl query string parameter after successful login (FP)
Site Sync
  • Syncing pages with disabled additional url to an existing page (FP)
  • Configuration option for sts_logout query string passed automatically. It allows to sign out from the STS instead of the relying party. The setting can be found in Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Security -> StsSignout (FP)

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Sitefinity 8.0.571​6 Version Notes

What's fixed:

Module builder

  • Using IsSingleItem in an inherited DynamicContentView  causes error (FP)
  • ItemLanguageFallback does not work (FP)​
  • Can not translate and send for approval Dynamic Item in case the default language has no translation.(FP)
Site Sync
  • Modules & Services: Add dependency information for SiteSync module (requires Feeds & Notifications module to be active)
  • When Sitefinity is Child application the login URL is case sensitive (FP)
  • Sitemap generator system library inaccessible (FP)
  • When new translation is being added to a category, the parent item is not expandable and it should be manually selected for every single translation.
​Page Templates
  • Custom layout control's wrapper div disappears after you change the width of the div elements in the layout control (FP)
  • Using ScriptManager on a master page template prevent script combining (FP)​
  • User profiles: the email field is not available as a field to user profiles (FP)

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Sitefinity 8.0.5717 Version Notes

What's fixed

  • Fixed an issue where wrong translator was used for additional search fields.
Events widget
  • CalendarView doesn't show items from the correct provider when using multi site.(FP)
  • Personalization preview console results in error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." in test mode scenario.
  • Child page cannot be sent to recycle bin when there is a page with the same title in the sitemap (FP)
  • Performance optimizations in Inline Editing parsing.
  • Backend users who do not have the credentials to edit widget templates are able to edit them if they can edit a widget on a page to do so
  • Permissions for Forms do not work - modify permissions do not work and a user can still open a Form for edit, delete Form controls, and Publish the Form, even if he is explicitly denied for Modify rights.
  • Localize registration and account activation email. Templates are exposed as resources under Labels - RegistrationConfirmationEmail, RegistrationSuccessEmail. Custom templates can use the following syntax to resolve localization resources $ClassId, Key$Example: $Labels,RegistrationConfirmationEmail$ (FP)
  • Libraries list view is broken when the first image of the library has invalid data.
User profiles
  • The email field is not available as a field to user profiles (FP)
Responsive design
  • Fix the option for selecting specific responsive design rule for a particular page is not working as always all responsive design rules are applied.(FP)
Feather integration releated
  • Fix binding redirect problem in feather when using multilingual site with specific culture that fallback to the invariant culture of the item (FP)
  • Precompiled assembly is not used when opening pages due to cache issue.(FP)
  • Applied fix for randomly occurring error: Type is enhanced when there are more than one connection to the same database from several site instances (FP).

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Sitefinity 8.0.5719 Version Notes

What's fixed


  • Fixed an issue with the FormMultipleChoice widget that created a response with a value -AddOtherChoiceItemValue- when posting in the backend or when using an AJAX enabled form. (FP)

Users and Profles

  • Deleting a profile field from a used profile, results in YSOD when editing the user.
  • Users which name is GUID cannot be set when NickName is empty (FP)
  • Unable to see recovered users' password when there isn't recovery email set under advanced settings (FP)
  • The "Is a public profile" property ignored when using a UserList widget. To apply a filter, open the widget for Edit > Advanced > ControlDefinition > Views > UserProfilesFrontendMaster and set IsProfilePublic = true for FilterExpression property. (FP)
  • Disabling Forums module causes "Invalid resource message" on EditUser screen (FP)
  • Using Auto-generated fields in UserProfiles widget templates thrown an error when you preview the page (FP)
  • User.IsLoggedIn doesn't display the correct status. There is a public method of SecurityManager, called IsUserOnline(string providerName, User user) that you can use to get whether the user is currently online or not (FP).
  • View Roles in BoxesView doesn't show users count. We applied a fix and now the users count per role gets update. This has been tested with 300 roles each with 500 users (150 000 users in the entire system) (FP)
  • YSOD "Type is enhanced and registered, but not available..." when deleting a custom field from a user custom profile
  • YSOD is thrown when trying to use an existing NickName with Profiles public widget (FP). 
  • Profile public widget - fixed issue with email validation and expose error message instead of refreshing the page with no logging.
  • Setting predefined values for First and Last name in the Basic profile results in 404(FP)
  • When creating a user the validation messages for First name and Last name fields are not cleared (FP).
Sitefinity Compiler
  • Server returns random error when requesting page markup(FP).
Other( not reproducible, closed) 
  • Content Block: making bullet list from multiple lines creates only one bullet (FP)
  • Page layout content disappear when layout element is edited (FP)
  • User Profiles: editing custom field's default value is not persisted after it is created
  • Profile type drop-down is not showing in the User Profile widget (FP)
  • Users: Profile of a user with Username ending with a period/dot cannot be viewed(FP)
  • Broken MasterListView template after adding more than four role providers (FP)
  • User Activation page displays null after selection(FP)
  • Sitefinity 7: Registration widget - Open a specially prepared page cannot be persisted(FP)
  • Pages with profile widget throw exception on postback (FP)

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Sitefinity 8.0.5720 Version Notes

What's fixed


  • Creating fields with the same name in different profile types results in saving only the last profile type data (FP, FP)
  • Profile widget: saving changes to the widget designer queries the user to leave/stay on page (FP)

Sitemap Generator

  • Generated sitemap duplicates the default language prefix in case it is included for the default language (FP)


  • When changing permissions User selector initially displays users from all providers (FP)


  • Archive control persists and passes the paging value from the Querystring (FP)
  • VideoGallery Thumbnails + Overlay (lightbox) mode: AutoPlay option doesn`t work (FP)

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Sitefinity 8.0.5751 Version Notes

What's fixed

  • Windows 10 Creators Update breaks Custom Membership providers

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