Sitefinity 12.0 Beta 1 Announced

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Sitefinity CMS 12.0 Beta Instructions 

Dear Sitefinity CMS customers and partners! We are excited to announce the first Beta release of Sitefinity CMS 12.0. We plan to have one more Beta release -Sitefinity CMS 12.0 Beta 2 prior to GA, due to the timing of availability of new features. The Beta program is expected to continue from Mar 20 through Apr 20. Below you will find the details about what is included in the planned Beta releases, how to obtain the releases, and how to communicate with us in case you encounter any issues or have any recommendations. 

What is new in the Beta 1 release (Mar 20 2019): 

MVC-first approach

Sitefinity takes a definitive step to becoming an MVC-first WCM system, along with continuously improving the user experience in key areas. With the 12.0 release, for newly created projects, you can choose between MVC and hybrid frameworks only. You still have the option to work with Web Forms, if needed, via configuration in the Advanced settings section. Learn more...

Selecting page templates is now simplified with a couple of improvements:

  • You do not have to to start from scratch with a new template anymore. From now on, there is a default template for MVC and hybrid frameworks with a single placeholder in place. 
  • Once you select a template and its framework, if you require to base the template on another template in a later point in time, you can select just from the list with templates from the same framework, thus avoiding any shortcomings from switching framework. 

SiteSync: Sync a single page or content item

Promoting changes to an already published content item via SiteSync is now faster and more intuitive. Content editors with the respective permissions can sync a single page or content item directly from the content editing interface or from the contextual menus in the list of content items. Thus, they do not have to go through the full SiteSync process. Learn more...
NOTE: For this Beta release, the following aspects of page management are not available for preview, as they are still in development: 
  • Changing the Sync pages and content items permissions requires website restart for the changes to take effect

Page management: New interface

As of the 12.0 release, page management in Sitefinity CMS follows the steps of the content editing new interface and experience improvements. Content editors and managers can now swiftly navigate between pages, pages list, page creation, and page editing screens.

Page creation is simplified by reducing the amount of properties content creators need to define and specify when creating a page. Thus, productivity and efficiency are improved plus editors can always add, define, and modify page properties at a later point in time. Additionally, when working with content in multiple languages, content editors benefit form enhanced language preview options while in the page editing interface. Learn more...
NOTE: For this Beta release, the following aspects of page management are not available for preview, as they are still in development: 

  • Page list: reorder pages, set a page as homepage, no Marketing column
  • Page properties: redirect to another page, create custom URL

Forms mapping configuration: Send forms data to DEC

As of Sitefinity CMS 12.0, marketers can capture the data from the forms that visitors submit on Sitefinity CMS websites in an easier and simpler manner. Data mapping configuration is now accessible via form properties, thus making mapping of form fields data to specific DEC contact properties as effortless as mapping to HubSpot and Eloqua form fields. Thus, marketers capture in a more straightforward and easy manner substantial amount of visitor data from landing pages that help them build more comprehensive contact profiles to help lead nurturing initiatives. Learn more...

Email settings: Simplified management

Website administrators can now easily manage email settings from a central place. Email campaigns and all Sitefinity CMS components that send notifications, such as comments, forums, forms, and so on, share the same settings, which can be configured from a unified central screen. Administrators can also specify different notification profiles for each module. Learn more... 

Revision history: Media items

From this 12.0 release onward, when creating new revision history versions of media items, Sitefinity CMS stores the items’ properties and their binary content. Thus, content editors can view, compare, and fully revert to previous versions of the media item, be it an image, document, or video. Additionally, enhanced preview of media items versions, as well as side-by-side comparison between versions, ensures content editors avoid any missteps when dealing with revision history. Learn more...

Resource packages: Bootstrap 4

From this 12.0 release onward, the default resource package Sitefinity CMS ships with is Bootstrap 4, which now is the officially supported Bootstrap version. Customers who need to use Bootstrap 3 can add it manually and Bootstrap 3 will still be available in the GitHub repository. Bootstrap 3, along with the Bootstrap 3 GitHub repository templates, will be supported until the end of 2019. Learn more... 

Known issues

  • Some issues with the Azure Search integration, preventing the feature functionality
  • Changing the parent of a page, duplicates the new page parent hierarchy in the grid

How do I get the Beta release? 

Only current Sitefinity CMS customers with active maintenance and registered Sitefinity partners are eligible to participate in the Beta program. Sitefinity CMS 12.0 Beta is provided to customers via their customer accounts. To obtain the Beta installation, login to Your Account and click on Downloads -> Sitefinity CMS. Switch to the Betas tab, where you can find the download link to the Sitefinity CMS installer and the Beta license file, valid for 60 days.   

When you install the Beta version, as usual, you need to accept the Terms and Conditions for the Beta program as a click-through agreement. We do not recommend updating your production environment to the Beta release, as we will not support version upgrades from the Beta versions. However, you can certainly use our Export/Import option to recreate a version of your site for working with the Beta version. 

If you are using NuGet, NuGet packages are available on (use pre-release tag), and the package name is 12.0.6950-beta. In Visual Studio NuGet Package Manager Console, use Install-Package Telerik.Sitefinity.All -Version 12.0.6950-beta -Prerelease . 
When using NuGet packages, to obtain a Beta license please contact us at

How do I communicate with the Sitefinity team regarding Beta? 

We have set up a dedicated email alias,, for all Beta users to directly contact the Sitefinity product team regarding Sitefinity CMS 12.0 Beta topics. We will respond to every single email.  Also, please feel free to initiate threads in the Progress Sitefinity community group on for broader discussions concerning the Beta program. We will monitor these forums.

What do we expect from Beta participants?

The Sitefinity team is very grateful to all participants who will dedicate their time to help us validate our new release. This is a feature-rich release, and it will be impossible for Beta users to examine all the new features and updates. Therefore, we recommend that you focus on those (few) that are most applicable to your current or anticipated usage of Sitefinity CMS. We have been in contact with a good number of customers and partners to review the features in the design phase, and we expect these users to focus on the features that we have discussed, as that fits their context best. 

It would be ideal if you, as a Beta user, prepare a Beta report at the end of the Beta period. This will inform us which new features you evaluated, whether everything worked in accordance with your expectations, and whether you have any further suggestions regarding the features. In any case, should you need to communicate anything to us as the Beta program goes on, please use the Beta program email. 

We also intend to send a Beta survey at the completion of this Beta program to all of you who downloaded the Beta. Thus, you can provide us with any valuable feedback, comments, and suggestions about the Beta features at the end of the program through the survey. 


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