Sitefinity 7.1 Beta

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Sitefinity 7.1 Beta

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Hi all,   

Sitefinity 7.1 Beta is available for download on this link
(Download link updated on 1July, include fixes in Sitemap, upgrade in Service Stack).

We have also NuGet packages available on

This version contains: Audit Trail, Recycle Bin, XML Sitemap generator, and more.

We’d be happy to hear your feedback and questions on the coming release!
Please, upgrade your projects and let us know if you encounter any issues.

Notes: This release is for testing and evaluation purposes. Upgrades from it will not be supported.

Sitefinity Team



What’s New

Audit Trail

Enterprise license only
Audit log creates a record for actions performed in Sitefinity Backend such as log in, log out, content and pages creation, modification, deletion, etc. The collected data allows administrators to investigate content incidents promptly, and to take notice in cases of unauthorized access.
Notes: The recommended setup requires that Kibana and Elastic search are installed (instructions).

  • Audit Trail module can be installed in section Administration> Modules & Services
  • Settings cab be set in Advanced Settings> Audit
  • Default Kibana Dashboards show details on content updates, logged in users, newly created users and roles. (download link)

Recycle Bin

(Documentation), (FP)
Recycle Bin stores deleted items for a period of time, thus allowing for the easy recovery in case of incidental deletion.  

  • Content items and Pages are sent to Recycle Bin upon deletion.
  • In Administration> Recycle Bin users can preview, restore, or delete permanently stored items.
  • In Basic Settings>Global settings> Recycle Bin, administrators can enable/disable Recycle Bin, and set the period for which deleted items are stored in the bin.

Known Issues

  • In Beta, items supporting Recycle Bin are: Pages, News, Events, Dynamic Content Types.All content modules will be covered for the official release
  • In Multilingual Mode, recycle bin is supported upon deletion of the whole content item

Content Duplication

Users creating content can easily duplicate existing items thus reusing content which is already in place.
Duplicate option on the Actions menu of content item is available for:  Events, News Items, List items, Blog posts, Dynamic Content Items, and Shared Content Blocks.

XML Sitemap generator

(Documentationhow to include content and pages in sitemap)
Sitemap generator creates an XML file containing the URLs for a Sitefinity site along with info on when they were last updated, how often they change, and how important they are, relative to other URLs.  The sitemap is used by search engines crawling the site.

  • XML Sitemap settings and generation can be done in section Settings> Sitemap.

Known Issues

  • XML Sitemap cannot be generated on projects created with Sitefinity Project Manager (Cassini)

Multiple Child Types per Level in Module Builder

This implementation removes the current restriction where users can have only one child content type on a given level in Module Builder.

  • In Module builder, users can add more than one child content type under a parent content type
  • In Page Toolbox, a new section is added for each module, and a new widget is added for each content type
  • Widgets of child content types, can be filtered by parent item


  • Page Templates: Added option to upload custom thumbnails per template by clicking on Page Templates properties (FP)
  • Images, Videos, Documents: Added CDN support (documentation)
  • Related Data: Added "Simple link" front end widget for displaying related media items
  • Authentication: Added support for authentication with external STS.  This allows having an authenticated user in Sitefinity that is not part of the CMS membership provider.
  • Error Logging: Added option to use external logging framework
  • Dynamic Content Items: Added duplication option
  • Ecommerce: Added option to relate to products via Custom Fields
  • Forms Widget: Ajax postbacks support upon form submission
  • Eventhub: Added


  • Pages cache optimizations
  • Libraries service performance fixes
  • Reduced DB quieries in Pages Backend
  • NLB communication optimization

Dev Tools

What’s Fixed


  • Blogs: Loading of the back-end blogs grid is slow when there are many blog posts assigned to a single blog
  • Comments: Extended event handling for comments with rating
  • Events: Error message for event end date earlier than start date causes disorder of UI elements
  • Share preview link:  doesn’t is working on sub folder sites
  • Rad editor: Border option screen for tables is not rendered properly

Images, Videos, Documents

  • Additional urls for images and documents do not redirect to the default one
  • Multilingual: The translation commands for an image are removed when the image does not have translation in the current language
  • Multilingual: Fixed  upgrade of page localization strategy migration


  • Navigation: Changing the back-end language does not affect the main navigation menu
  • Content block: Hyperlink manager does not work for users other than administrators when working in Multisite and Multilingual environment
  • Document link: Problem in the properties dialog of, if the document is unpublished
  • Documents: Edited document title is not updated in the widget
  • Image: Listing Categories and tags is adding stroller and the dialog is not looking good
  • Control property ID in not preserved after “Save” in multilingual pages

Related Data

  • Locked items can be open for edit by other user through related data field 
  • Filtering by URL in front-end, doesn't work with provider different than the default
  • Exception is thrown when libraries module is deactivated and user opens a blog or a page containing related media image field
  • Exception is thrown in the front-end if there is related news field and News module is deactivated
  • Author is able to edit items that don’t belong to him via the related data selector
  • Added Code reference for Related data/media fields
  • RelatedMediaAndData: The fields are visible in custom user profile

Email Campaigns

  • Accounts without an email will no longer prevent the rest of the subscribers from receiving the notification
  • Fixed the sorting of the form field controls when sending email notifications. The message templates are no more locked and all changes are removed after clicking "Back to message templates"
  • Locked template and not discarded content after Back to message templates button clicked
  • Bounce messages statistics is not properly calculated when there are large amount of bounce messages
  • Export of subscribers is not working properly when there are large number of subscribers in the system

Site Sync

  • Multisite synchronization issues for deleted items coming from monolingual sites when others are multilingual
  • Incorrect prefix for migrated taxonomies in multisite migration
  • Product migration fails if  more than 2 items are migrated
  • Cannot sync an attribute which is applied to specific product type
  • In pending items dialog only items from the default provider are filtered by taxonomy
  • Fixed creating two Default Calendars after migration
  • Pending Items Dialog Selective sync throws an exception randomly


  • Marketo: Calls for jQuery and JSON2 are no longer made in the front-end pages if they are already loaded.
    Note: This change might cause a JavaScript error if the used munchkin relies on jQuery. This can be avoided by switching to a different munchkin or loading jQuery in the front-end pages' head tag.
  • Sharepoint: Cannot create mapping for SharePoint list, which name contain only cyrillic letters
  • Sharepoint: SharePoint Error messages for duplicate items for documents is not shown
  • Sharepoint: Added validation to Connector for SharePoint when synchronizing dynamic module types. You can no longer select or synchronize a non-root level type
  • BaaS: 'View data in the cloud' and 'Details' links are broken


  • Dashboard: Awaiting approval filter is not showing items
  • Dashboard: Status filtering is not working properly
  • Search: Not working after trimming the search query (FP)
  • MVC: Helper methods defined in razor views (in App_Code folder) do not work properly
  • MVC: Context does not copy ApplicationInstance and Cookies
  • MVC: Ability to control the exact content of a response of an action
  • Users:  Created and user creating events not firing properly
  • Inline Editing: Publishing content in IE causes js error “Unable to get property 'prop' of undefined or null reference”
  • Address Field: Values are not persisted when you create dynamic item with address field
  • Forms: Issue preventing the user from editing the root level permissions for Forms
  • Choice field: Creating a choice field throws error when a choice value has "<" symbol in it
  • Dynamic Module: Old media field cannot be deleted
  • Search: Changing the identifier to a another field of a custom module, results in empty results when searching for the old field
  • Search: Documents appear in all site search indexes when working in Multisite mode
  • Ecommerce: Purchased downloads cannot be downloaded when file is replaced

Backward Compatibility

Note: Sitefinity skin will be deprecated in Siteifnity 7.2 and onwards. All Telerik UI controls for ASP.NET AJAX that are part of Sitefinity will render with their default theme instead of the Sitefinity skin.

This is the last release, in which the Sitefinity skin is available in the Telerik.Web.UI.Skins assembly.

This means that if you use Sitefinity-skinned ASP.NET AJAX controls in Sitefinity v7.1 they will still work. However, newer Sitefinity versions (7.2 or later) will not support the Sitefinity skin.

We recommend that you check any custom front- and/or back-end widgets that might use the Sitefinity skin and switch their skin to the default or another supported theme.

This also applies to any custom modules (e.g.  custom content modules, custom intra-site modules etc).

Posted by Community Admin on 30-Jun-2014 00:00

Hi Kali,

I've just taken a quick look at 7.1 to see how parent/child relationships will be handled and it doesn't look like they've been implemented at all. I see that you can now add the same content item to itself which is a step in the right direction but there's no way of enforcing parent child (so I can easily add a child to a parent and then the parent to the child). Also, there's no easy way of seeing what "children" you've added to the "parent" in the current implementation. Is this all stuff that might still make it into 7.1 or is there another ETA. I really think this is the biggest limitation to the module builder right now since most of the modules we build require some sort of hierarchical relationship. Please let me know.


Posted by Community Admin on 30-Jun-2014 00:00

Audit Trail = Enterprise license only.

That is not so fun. Please, if you talk new features, let us know before if it is limited to a particular license.

Another useful feature that is only for enterprise...


Posted by Community Admin on 30-Jun-2014 00:00


It's been no secret that Audit is enterprise only... .  It is a bummer, but would a std or sbe really have an elasticsearch instance anyway?

Posted by Community Admin on 01-Jul-2014 00:00

Hi KMac,
Sitefinity 7.1 gives you option to have more than one child types as children of another content type.  This can be achieved in Module Builder. In the Backend screen of the parent items, you see the child items as links under each parent item, like this:
What we are planning in some of the next releases is to add option to allow a content type to be in hierarchical relationship with it self (the so called "self referencing hierarchy"). In this case, the backend grid of the content type will look something like a tree view (very similar to the Backend of Pages). Let me know if this can work for you, or should you have more questions.

I understand your frustration. We'll try to announce such limitations sooner.

Thanks for the list, we are working on it, and will let you know when we have something to report.




Posted by Community Admin on 01-Jul-2014 00:00

Hi all,

Just to let you know that we updated the Beta download link - please refer to the original announcement.
This build contains: Fixes in Sitemap not able to start, and upgraded Service Stack to 4.0.22.

We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Posted by Community Admin on 02-Jul-2014 00:00

To make it easier for you to try out the audit module, we've set up a cloud VM:

Kibana (HTTP):

Please note, that it might be used by others too, so your content might get mixed. For a better experience, take some time to set it up locally - we added a video to the doc, to help you out.

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Jul-2014 00:00

Hi Steve,

Thank you for feedback and notes.

We have logged couple of bugs, related to the typo on the login message and the blank delete message, when removing pages.

We appreciate your feedback! Let us know of your latest findings about the beta!

Posted by Community Admin on 07-Jul-2014 00:00

 Has this bug be fixed in 7.1? At the moment Related Data fields do not work in a multi-site environment except for the primary site

Posted by Community Admin on 14-Jul-2014 00:00

We updated the beta build with a new one - 7.1.5143. The build includes

  • Enabled data caching (L2 Cache) for NLB scenarios.
  • Easticsearch Audit Logger module is moved to GitHub
  • Many bug fixes.

Posted by Community Admin on 21-Jul-2014 00:00

I've already found an issue.

If you delete all pages you can't open the recycle bin.

Posted by Community Admin on 26-Aug-2014 00:00

Hi, thank you

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