Sitefinity 8.0 BETA 2 Announced

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Sitefinity 8.0 BETA 2 Announced

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Sitefinity 8.0 Beta 2 is available for download on this link.

In addition to what came with Beta 1, this version also includes workflows per site and language, tighter integration with Sitefinity DEC, and more stock widgets on MVC.

Please, upgrade your projects and let us know what you think!

Sitefinity 8.0 Beta 2 is not production ready and should not be used on live sites. Upgrades from and to it will not be officially supported.

What’s New?

Dev Tools 

Workflow per Site and per Language

Added option to specify site and language when creating a workflow on a multisite/multilingual project. The resulting workflows apply only to the selected sites or languages, and not to all. 

Feather (MVC Framework)

(GitHub project)

Added new stock widgets:

  • Image widget
  • Image Gallery widget
  • Image manager in Content block

See detailed release notes on GitHub here.

Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC)

Sitefinity DEC allows you to track, analyze and shape the experience of users on your sites. See more

DEC Cloud Connector

Sitefinity DEC Connector is now available in all Sitefinity editions.
* In previous versions, DEC Connector was included in Online Marketing and Enterprise editions only.

This is how to set up a connection to DEC:

  1. On Sitefinity DEC, create a Data Center and get the API key
  2. In Sitefinity, go to Administration>Modules and Services, and enable module Connector for Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud
  3. Go to Administration> Connectivity> Digital Experience Cloud, and enter the API key and other connection settings

Your site will start sending information to DEC automatically on page visits, file downloads, user registrations, and other events.

The following will appear in your Sitefinity project:

  • DEC Insights dashboard – listing of top personas, lead scoring types, and best performing touch points and conversions. To see it, go to section Marketing > Digital Experience Cloud > Insights
  • Ability to specify if personas and campaigns from DEC can be used in Sitefinity Personalization segments. To enable this option, go to Administration > Connectivity > Connector for Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud > Features settings tab.

DEC JavaScript SDK from CDN

The DEC JavaScript SDK is available as Sitefinity references and can be loaded from CDN.
To start using the SDK from CDN:

  1. Go to “Settings > Advanced> Pages> Script Manager > ScriptReferences > DecJsClient”, and
  2. Set “EnableCdn” to True  ​

What’s Fixed?


  • Pages: When having related data field on Page the Page duplicate options stops working
  • Pages> Share preview link:  Increased expiration timeout of share preview link to 2400 hours
  • Navigation widget: Page redirecting to an external URL shows in navigation no matter the translation
  • Related data: Items ordering is not persisted correctly when the corresponding content item is edited.
  • Related data: Products are not filtered by the field selected type in the related data selector
  • Non-minified version of Kendo results in error when minified version of RequireJS used in widgets (FP)
  • Forms: Fixed alpha-numeric format validator for text field to work properly
  • Search: Fixed problem with search results widget which renders Html from a styled long text field in a dynamic content type
  • SiteMap Generator​: Fixed issue with scheduled tasks - when using the "Weekly" schedule option - the task is sometimes scheduled for a wrong day.
  • Taxonomies: Fixed flat selector suggestion box issue
  • Security: Libraries are now secured for XSS
  • Users: Fixed error occurring when deleting a field from a profile type
  • Language selector: Improved HTML markup to make it XHTML compliant
  • Upgrade: Configurations not updated after upgrade
  • Permissions: Cannot restore content item from Recycle Bin when it has broken permission inheritance
  • Permissions: When setting permissions on ModuleBuilder level, there is an error shown and they are not correctly propagated on inheriting DynamicModules, DynamicTypes and Dynamic Content items
  • Permissions: When back-end user tries to access forbidden site backend he is redirected to the domain site or the default site, which can also be forbidden for him. As a result gaining access to a forbidden site

Feather (MVC Framework)

  • General: Prevent Personalization script from loading if the Personalization module is disabled
  • News: Provider selector styles are broken.
  • Content block: Provider selector styles are broken.
  • Fixed issue with @Html.BeginFormSitefinity which gives bad action URL

Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC)

DEC Connector

  • Missing validation if you connect with user which doesn't have permission to view the Data Center
  • Error "Value cannot be null" if you try to reconnect connector with user that doesn't have permission to view the data center
  • Missing validation message for personas in the segments grid for disabled personas

DEC JavaScript SDK

  • Added support of older versions of jQuery (< 1.5).
  • Added support for Safari Private Browsing

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