KUIB 3.0 application randomly crashing browser

Posted by chamberlen.betat@mckee.com on 13-Jun-2018 15:56

At seemly random with KUIB 3.0, when I go to start an application I am working on it starts the server, generates succesfully, opens the application in my browser (chrome) at the localhost url as usual, but will not display anything. I cannot go into dev tools or do anything. In task manager it shows chrome as using almost all of the CPU and the memory keeps climbing, as if there is some weird memory leak going on. When I open the url in IE it causes IE to just crash. There is no error that is being thrown or anything. 

The only way I have been able to get around this is to just close and restart KUIB and my computer. Sometimes it takes a couple restarts before it starts working. I do not make any changes to my code or to any of the files. 

Does KUIB produce logs that I can view when this happens and compare it to when it doesn't happen? How can I go about fixing this? Is this a known bug with KUIB 3.0? 

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Posted by Shelley Chase on 13-Jun-2018 16:32

There is a log file in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\KendoUIBuilder but not sure it will have any useful information since it is the browser that is dying. I'm guessing it has something to do with the webpack server. I will let one of the node experts answer.


Posted by egarcia on 13-Jun-2018 16:32


KUIB logs are available at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\KendoUIBuilder.

You can also open the console panel in Kendo UI builder by clicking ">_ OUTPUT " at the bottom of the screen.

These logs corresponds to the activity on the Kendo UI Builder side.

For this issue you would need to look at the activity on the web browser side.

Perhaps, a way to go about this is to open the dev tools prior to accessing the application by manually entering the url.

This might give you a chance to see whether there is an infinite loop (high CPU activity) that could be causing the memory leak.

Another possibility is to use a different web browser to see the behavior, however, based on the fact that Chrome hangs and IE crashes, it is likely that Opera and Firefox might behave the same.

This does not sounds like a known bug. There was an issue in previous builds when the app would not start with Node.js >= 10.x. A fix for this is now available in the ESD.

I hope this helps.

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