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Posted by on 12-Apr-2017 10:43

I'm new to the Kendo UI builder and have a need to show PDF files in full size.
The PDF files reside in a blob in the database and the blob is available on the Appserver.
Do anyone know how to do this?

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Posted by egarcia on 12-Apr-2017 11:13


I believe that you are working with Jarmo N on this.

We have exchanged some information.

To implement this, you could look at it as two pieces of functionality:

1) Read a PDF file from an OpenEdge backend via a REST API (URI).

2) Provide a hyperlink / button in a Kendo UI Builder app to access the URI.

This assumes that your web browser is capable of displaying a PDF file using a URI.

To read a PDF file from an OpenEdge backend, you can use the WebHandler support and have a additional service to read the file and return the binary data.  This service can be an additional service in the same PDSOE project that you use for your data service or it can also be a separate PDSOE project.

You could look at the following sample that is intended to handles images and modified to work with PDF files:

Regarding providing a hyperlink / button in a Kendo UI Builder app, you can expose it by using HTML.

If you want to provide buttons in a Kendo UI Grid, you could use the Row Template functionality.

You can either use a template to a custom section file and refer to its ID from the Grid properties or add a Row Template  function to the view-factory,JS file to create the template programmatically.

See the following links for info:

I hope this helps.

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