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Posted by marcspaul on 30-Nov-2018 21:57

Is anyone using ActiveMQ with a version of Progress OpenEdge prior to 11?  Want to know for sure if we need to upgrade before we would attempt to switch from Sonic.


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Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 30-Nov-2018 22:06

I can't answer any detailed questions on it, but I can tell you that we've used AMQ for years with OE, including various releases of v10.x.

Posted by marcspaul on 03-Dec-2018 14:15

Thanks!  Even knowing that is a big help!

Posted by marcspaul on 07-Dec-2018 20:47

Just wondering if you would have any documentation that you would be willing to share showing the steps that were needed to sync Progress with ActiveMQ?


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