Mechanism to manage libraries and it different versions

Posted by Kai Siegele on 11-Oct-2017 04:11


I am writing some small and simple applications: In the upper part of an ABL-Form the user should specify some information about the data he wants to retrieve f.e. the user name or  the document number of a deal. After clicking on a button the data found are presented in the lower part of the form.

Checking the inputs, for example checking whether user has typed in a textbox an integer between some values  is similar in all this application. Now I want to create a small „library“project with all this checks  that I can use in all my application avoiding code copying.

If I used C# and .net I would create a new dll-project with all checks. Then I would create a nuget package and publish this package. Then I (and all my workmates) could install this package and use it in all projects. And after adding new checks I would create and publish a new package which everyone could update to get changes.

Is there a similiar mechanism to manage libraries and it different versions?

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Kai Siegele

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