RoundTable, PDSOE, and PASOE

Posted by Neil Treeby on 05-Nov-2019 14:02

A short question, but one I suspect has a longer answer:

If I am developing code for PASOE in PDSOE, where I have a local dev PASOE instance for testing, and I am using PDSOE to automatically publish to my local PASOE instance, what is the best way to integrate that development work with the RTB plugin and checking code in/out of the repository?

This would be with 11.8.2, so for RTB tasks we are still forced to use task-specific folders.  Our tentative roadmap would have us on RTB 12.x sometime mid-2020 - we have a couple of projects that need completing before we can finish our classic AppServer migration to OE11, let alone worry about migrating to PASOE and OE12; but we have another standalone project in the works where the recommendation is to start off on PASOE (11.7.5) right away so we can use the WEB transport for exposing RESTful services.

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