Automation toolkit : ant release issues

Posted by cverbiest on 15-Dec-2015 11:15

I'm currently trying to get the ant release script configured/working,

1. changed basedir

<project name="AD RTB CreateRelease" default="default" basedir="..">
This allows me to execute the build script from where it is extracted.

2. can't get the json properties working

so I reverted back to build.props file but that is no longer read by automation/ant/build_rtb_release.xml so I added it

    <target name="default" depends="JsonProperties,properties,startlogging">

3. linux compile

line 75 of ./appSolutions/appSolute/RTB/Automation/arat_init_rtbapis.i should quote the backslash

glcSessionProperties = REPLACE(glcSessionProperties, "~\":U, "~/":U)

Line 66 of automation/appSolutions/appSolute/Utils/FileHelper.cls : 79 is too big for tty


Line 142 of automation/appSolutions/appSolute/RTB/Base/RTBAutomationApi.cls

    DEFINE PUBLIC PROPERTY RTBProxyHelper AS scm.custom.rtb.Utils.RTBProxyHelper NO-UNDO

Not yet up & running

Execute:Java13CommandLauncher: Executing '/usr/dlc/bin/_progres' with arguments:
'{'ttProperties': [{    'BuildDebug': '"true"',    'RtbInstallPath': '"/usr2/rtb115"',    'RtbUser': '""sysop""',    'RtbPassword': '""********""',    'RtbReleaseWspaceId': 'development',    'RtbReleaseReleaseNote': '"Automatic release $TSTAMP"',    'RtbReleaseOnlyWhenNeeded': '"true"',    'RtbReleaseCreateReport': '"true"',    'RtbAppServerConnection': '"AppServer://localhost:5163/asrtb_115"',    'RtbReportBaseDir': '"/usr2/rtb115/antwork"',    'RtbUseAppServer': '"true"'    }]}'

The ' characters around the executable and arguments are
not part of the command.
   [PCTRun]  *** Error parsing JSON: unexpected token: boolean. (15360)
   [PCTRun] Invalid handle.  Not initialized or points to a deleted object. (3135)
Setting project property: RtbReleaseNumber -> null
Setting project property: RtbReleaseReport -> null

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Posted by cverbiest on 15-Dec-2015 11:21

sorry for the multiple updates, struggling with the <pre> tags of the forum. I removed them now.

Posted by cverbiest on 15-Dec-2015 12:46

Next edit , in order to help me debug the read-json I changed

Line 85 of automation/scm/custom/rtb/Utils/TempTableHelper.cls

UNDO, THROW NEW Progress.Lang.AppError(substitute("Error &1 reading &2", err:getMessage(1), string(plcJsondata)), 0).

In automation/appSolutions/appSolute/RTB/Base/RTBAutomationApi.cls I replaced the FileExist test with a "try" block.

      /*IF oFileHelper:FileExists("rtb/p/rtb_api.p") THEN*/

       do on error undo, retry

           on stop undo, retry:

           RUN rtb/p/rtb_api.p PERSISTENT SET phRTBApi.

           catch e as Progress.Lang.Error:

           UNDO, THROW NEW Progress.Lang.AppError(substitute("*** Unable to start Roundtable API! &1", e:getMessage(1)), 0).

           end catch.


Posted by cverbiest on 15-Dec-2015 12:49

got it up & running on linux with the edits I mentioned in previous posts.

I still have issues with the create directory for the release report but I solved those by making sure that the directory existed before running the build script.

Posted by asthomas on 15-Dec-2015 14:37

Hey Carl,

Sorry to see you are having so much trouble with this ;-)

A few comments:

1. We usually always set the basedir as part of the ant script call from the scripts or from the jenkins projects calling it. So I expect that it has not been tested without.

2. The old style property files are not really supported any more. So we should really take out any references to it. We only want to be using JSON files moving forward. So we should really look at what it is that is not working and get this resolved.

What errors were you getting with using the JSON properties files ?

We will take a look at your edits and get them into the next update. Thanks for your valuable input!

Posted by cverbiest on 16-Dec-2015 06:14

Hi Thomas

1. I think basedir=".." is very useful, you can still provide basedir as a property in the ant call

2. I got the .json properties working. I had started from the wrong json sample file

automation/examples/properties.json instead of automation/config/process_windows.json

Posted by asthomas on 16-Dec-2015 06:18

Thanks Carl,

1. I have added basedir=".." to all the scripts now ;-)

2. We will clean up sample files that should not be there and fix the ones that are not working ;-)

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