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Dear Corticon PANS,

Below are your new Corticon notifications.

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14-Jul-2016 13:42 EDT


What is the support policy for retired versions of Progress Corticon

14-Jul-2016 13:33 EDT


Corticon 5.2 retirement date

14-Jul-2016 11:03 EDT


Surrogate pair characters are corrupted after reopening Corticon ruletest.

14-Jul-2016 07:08 EDT


How to use "Map to Ecore", "Generate Ecore to XML Mapping" functions in the Corticon vocabulary context menu items ?

14-Jul-2016 08:14 EDT


Can not define attribute value for 'at' operator in a condition with Corticon

14-Jul-2016 08:53 EDT


Using an alias name in a database filter causes a fatal error in Corticon studio.

14-Jul-2016 09:16 EDT


Failed to correctly retrieve data with filters based on 3 collections in Corticon Studio.

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