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Subject: Progress Alert and Notification Service: Corticon

Dear Corticon PANS,

Below are your new Corticon notifications.

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21-Jun-2016 08:20 EDT


Erroneous behaviour with precision and value ranges with decimal datatype in Corticon Studio

21-Jun-2016 23:34 EDT


element in XSD/WSDL for Corticon

21-Jun-2016 17:15 EDT


Corticon filter behavior in a 6 Level association when Level 4 is disabled in the Scope section

21-Jun-2016 13:08 EDT


CcServerTimeoutException when execution a decision service using EDC on Corticon Server

21-Jun-2016 10:29 EDT


CcServerInvalidCddException when trying to deploy a decision service to Corticon Server using cdd

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