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Dear DataDirect PANS,

Below are your new DataDirect notifications.

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01-Jun-2016 13:23 EDT


SequeLink error "Internal error, fatal server error detected..SLSSL_DynInit"

01-Jun-2016 10:58 EDT


Incorrect row status and row count returned with PostgreSQL ODBc driver using Arrays of Parameters.

01-Jun-2016 10:05 EDT


Reusing a CallableStatement with the DB2 driver causes a NullPointerException

01-Jun-2016 08:15 EDT


Error occurs when executing a Select query with a Left or Right function.

01-Jun-2016 03:35 EDT


How to use SQL Parameters with SSIS?

01-Jun-2016 03:15 EDT


Does Progress Datadirect have a driver to connect to Microsoft Access?

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