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Posted by Jean Richert on 18-Jan-2016 23:39


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18-Jan-2016 17:52 EST


Several "String data, right truncated" messages seen in ODBC trace of the Connect for ODBC Salesforce driver.

18-Jan-2016 13:40 EST


SQLSTATE 53 returned instead of 42S02 when table was not found with Oracle Gateway connection to DB2 on Z/OS using CfODBC DB2 wire driver

18-Jan-2016 13:09 EST


Hang or error condition occurs on executeUpdate() to DB2 when extra NL character at end of BLOB content while using the Connect for JDBC DB2 driver.

18-Jan-2016 05:57 EST


Is there a tool to upgrade the DSNs from a lower version to a higher version of the ODBC drivers?

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