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09-Jul-2019 15:45 EDT


Transaction-Mode Automatic causes the PASOE Session to Crash when executing XDoc LOAD method

Defect OCTA-14688

09-Jul-2019 15:34 EDT


Incorrect query results when using INDEX in WHERE clause with MS Sql Server

Defect OCTA-14820

09-Jul-2019 14:50 EDT


Indexes in Incremental Dump (delta.df) generated without INACTIVE keyword when requested in 11.7.5

Defect ADAS-18697

09-Jul-2019 14:35 EDT


Is there a performance hit when using UNC paths in the PROPATH?

17-Aug-2018 05:44 EDT


AppBuilder crashes on second execution of HTTP client code

Defect OCTA-7730

09-Sep-2011 16:39 EDT


Error 3406 or 72 occurs when executing a static method in a class whose name matches, or is an abbreviation of, a database field name

24-May-2013 05:39 EDT


Does OpenEdge 11.x support Linux Power PC?

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