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Dear OpenEdge PANS,

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04-Aug-2016 19:31 EDT


DataServer OpenEdge to SQL utility fails to create tables with the correct name

04-Aug-2016 14:12 EDT


Can .NET or ABL GUI clients run in a Web browser?

04-Aug-2016 11:29 EDT


Can os utilities be used to backup a TDE-enabled database?

04-Aug-2016 08:26 EDT


Running character application code with V6FRAME, frames are overlayed in GUI

04-Aug-2016 08:00 EDT


Getting 293 error when trying to run a .p file.

04-Aug-2016 05:36 EDT


Throwing the Progress.Lang.AppError pops up in the message area at the bottom of the Progress window instead of the alert box

04-Aug-2016 02:19 EDT


appServerDisconnect doesn???t disconnect from AppServer

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