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Posted by Jean Richert on 10-Feb-2016 23:38


From: noreply@progress.com
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Subject: Progress Alert and Notification Service: OpenEdge

Dear Jean Richert,

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10-Feb-2016 11:43 EST


How to force entry to fill-in-1 after leave of fill-in-3?

10-Feb-2016 11:01 EST


Is it possible to delete/drop a table and avoid the BI file growth?

10-Feb-2016 10:58 EST


Is it possible to convert a dynamic buffer into a static one?

10-Feb-2016 10:47 EST


Client crashing with access violation when trying to delete a table

10-Feb-2016 07:32 EST


How to pass a password as parameter without logging it with 4GLTRACE set to 4?

10-Feb-2016 05:39 EST


Client crashes when passing database buffer to JsonObject:Read() method.

10-Feb-2016 05:34 EST


Attempt to load external .DLL located in working directory fails with error 3268 with a 64-bit GUI client

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