Extended Early Bird (and stuff)

Posted by ChUIMonster on 10-May-2016 09:00

The PUG Challenge extended early bird registration ends this week.  And unlike Jon Snow this one will not be coming back to life!

Yes, we have a general session and we're going to invite the "suits" to talk for an hour or so Monday morning.  We've been told that some people like that sort of thing.

There will be plenty of coffee available afterwards ;)

Once that is out of the way we have a great technically focused agenda again this year with all sorts of break out sessions for you and your team to enjoy!  We have sessions on the latest and greatest from Progress as well as deep dives and exposés on how to get the absolute most out of what you already have!  Our agenda is built to help you maximize your time -- you can attend as many as 16 break out sessions and take up to 2 Sunday Workshops!

The hotel is bigger this year allowing our breakout rooms to be larger and more spacious!  We are downtown but not "big city downtown" -- no $600/night hotel rooms or $30/day wifi!  We are also close to the airport with a free shuttle so nobody flying in needs to rent a car!   The conference hotel still has a few rooms at our block rate and there are plenty of nearby alternative hotels to choose from.

This is more bang for the OpenEdge training dollar than you will find anywhere else on the planet -- if your company has a training budget this is where they should be spending it!  (And if they don't have a training budget they should get one!)

If you have not already done so head on over to pugchallenge.org/register.html and get registered now!

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