PUG Challenge/Exchange 2015 has 75 breakout sessions this ye

Posted by ChUIMonster on 16-Apr-2015 08:43

We've got 75 breakout sessions scheduled so far!  And they are arranged so that you can personally attend, not 3 or 4 but *16* of them.  And you can sign up for as many as two (out of 10) intense, hands-on workshops being offered on Sunday!

We don't have half the day going to "general sessions" (there is a kick-off keynote, but it is only an hour...) and other silliness -- we focus on getting you the information that you *need* to make the most of what you've got!

There is something for everyone:  database, programming, integration, best practices, new products, old products, info exchanges, workshops...  the amount of OpenEdge information in one place is so dense that astronomers may finally find an answer to the the mystery of "dark energy"!  (Could "stealth marketing" may be an unfortunate side-effect of too much technical brilliance in one place?)

And it's not too late to get a bargain!  Extended Early Bird pricing for PUG Challenge Americas has a couple of days left to run.


There is no better way to find out that to join your peers June 7-10 in Westford MA for PUG Challenge/Exchange 2015 -- where OpenEdge Geeks Gather!

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