Difference in word index between Progress V10 & V11 (err

Posted by FrankHilhorst on 13-Sep-2019 19:12

Hi Guys,

I want to port a database from a 3rd party progress app from V10 to V11.

In doing the load of the .df that I had created from the V10 database into the V11 database I got an error 5394.

[A word index can only have one component. (5394)

You have defined a temp-table with a word index but you specified multiple fields as components to the index. A word index can have only one component. Choose one of the fields. If you must, you can define another word index for the same temp-table using the other field(s)].

When I checked the .df file it had indeed 2 word indexes defined with more than 1 DB field associated with it.

So does this mean that in V10 word indexes with multiple fields are allowed and V11 they are not?

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