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Posted by Admin on 21-Apr-2009 16:07

Hello all, and thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

I'm in charge of syncing 2 databases together. One is a progress database that is the backend database for a point of sale system used on a daily basis to run a business.

The second is a an online database that uses an api to get data into it via the web.

The question I have is how can I get the data out of the progress database? Is there an api or some other way I to query the database for the information I need synched to the other?

The machine the progress database is hosted on is running windows 2003 server, I saw there was a program called Results, but this seems to be more of a user interactive program,

and I'm looking to automate this process, but only syncing 'changed' records.

There seems to be very little info on the web,


- Bob

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Posted by kevin_saunders on 22-Apr-2009 02:42

You don't say what version of Progress you are using, which could be important as newer releases have features that may not be availabel in older releases. You also don't say what brand the other database is.. If you don't have 4GL then your best option is to use ODBC - there should be a Progress driver installed in the ODBC Administrator tool..

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