Not be able to connect to 2nd database as catalog

Posted by Admin on 14-Oct-2009 10:26

Hi Everyone,

According to Progress documentation, I should be able to connect to different database as catalog and be able to query data from new catalog within the same connection.

and here is the syntax

CONNECt '\\MyServer\d$\Sub1\Sub2\database\myDB' as  CATALOG myCat

but it always throws this error:

11:15:06  [CONNECT - 0 row(s), 0.000 secs]  [Error Code: -20216, SQL State: S1000]  [DataDirect][ODBC Progress OpenEdge Wire Protocol driver][OPENEDGE]Unable to connect to datasource (7475)

We set up 2 identical userNames  and password sfor both databases.

Do you have any idea how to make this one works?



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