Progress Openedge 10 with Crystal report

Posted by Admin on 01-Mar-2010 19:25

Hi all,

Is there any books are tutorials for Progress OpenEdge 10 with Crystal Report. I searched in net but I am not able to get any materials or books.

I am facing many problems in OpenEdge and Crystal report. so If any body having help files please send to me or give your valuable suggestions

With Regards,

Venkatesh Prabu.

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Posted by Admin on 01-Mar-2010 23:12

Which kind of problems?

Posted by Admin on 01-Mar-2010 23:41

I got some samples in Progress Communites... reg of CR Connection and parameter passing.

Still now I am not able to pass the parameter. I got error

Error while accessing component property/Method logonserver failed to open connection

Error number (5890).

    DEFINE VARIABLE chApplication         AS COM-HANDLE.
    DEFINE VARIABLE chDocument            AS COM-HANDLE.

    CREATE "CrystalRuntime.Application" chApplication.

    chDocument = chApplication:OpenReport("C:\Users\prabu\Desktop\CustReport.rpt", 1).
    /*chDocument.SetReportVariableValue(varname, varvalue).*/
    chDocument.selectPrinter(drivername, printername, portnr).
    chDocument.PrintOut(promptyesno, nrofcopied, collatedyesno, startpage, stoppage).*/

    /* release com-handles */
    RELEASE OBJECT chApplication.  
    RELEASE OBJECT chDocument.


This is my code CR 4.5 its working but now I install CR XI the same code didn't work, But I didn't get any errors also.

So plese give me some sample programs for Connection and Passing parameter to CR.

I need to learn the COM handler and OCX controls... If any materials available for this...?

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