How can i create a report in OE AppBuilder?

Posted by Admin on 18-Jun-2010 22:14

anyone who can help, i'm in the last part of creating a system as a trainee, but until now i don't know how to create a report.

(help page- f1) can't help me.


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Posted by kevin_saunders on 21-Jun-2010 03:51

There is nothing special in the ABL about creating reports.

Look into the OUTPUT TO statement, to redirect your output to the printer or a file. Use FOR EACH to read the record set. Look up the DEFINE FRAME statement and the FRAME object and it's associated attributes for controlling how your output looks (CENTERED/NO-BOX/etc) .

Posted by bdearborn on 21-Jun-2010 18:43

Cornerstar has taken the time to separate the business logic from a report

making it a powerful tool for any user. The best part is IT does not have to

keep changing the report every time a user wants a different font or sort.

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