Trying to Install Sonic MQ 6.1 on ubuntu server - issues

Posted by rmadhanagopal on 13-Feb-2012 14:26


I am trying to install Sonic MQ 6.1 on ubuntu server and i try to run the setup.jar file on silent mode and have also update my setup.ini for license details and other specifications. I get the following error, please help as i am very new to Sonic MQ.

root@i-00004ba1:/opt/SonicMQ6.1-FCS# java -jar setup.jar -silent
ERROR: getting instance of SilentLog: silent.log
java.lang.Exception: Unabled to start silent log: silent.log.  Check directory and file permissions.
        at com.sonicsw.message.install.ismp.SilentLog.<init>(Unknown Source)
        at com.sonicsw.message.install.ismp.SilentLog.getInstance(Unknown Source)
        at com.sonicsw.message.install.ismp.InitializeAction.execute(Unknown Source)

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