Documentation on the Widget MANUAL-HIGHLIGHT attribute?

Posted by matt.murphy.cbl on 17-Apr-2020 14:52

Has anyone come across documentation on the widget MANUAL-HIGHLIGHT attribute?

The ABL Ref says to check this:- OpenEdge Development: ABL Handbook

This PDF doesn't seem to exist though.



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Posted by Matt Gilarde on 17-Apr-2020 15:17

I don't think that MANUAL-HIGHLIGHT is mentioned anywhere in the ABL Handbook (I found it here: That note may have been added mistakenly.

The ABL Reference says "Set the MANUAL-HIGHLIGHT attribute to TRUE to use a customized highlight design for selection of the widget. A FALSE value for this attribute specifies the ABL default highlight behavior for the selection of the widget." When you set MANUAL-HIGHLIGHT to TRUE selected widgets don't look selected. You have to do something on your own to indicate that they're selected. The SELECTION and DESELECTION events are provided to let you know when to do your custom highlighting.

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