Use CLOB / Large character fields in ADM2 / Dynamics

Posted by Ham on 02-Sep-2019 13:50

I'm looking for a way to use Large Character fields in the ADM2 / Dynamics framework.

When I include a CLOB field in a Data Object I get an error message during run time:

columnValue adm2/dataextcols.p does not support retrieval of large of binary data.

Column '[columnName]' is clob data-type.

Many TIA,

Wim van der Ham

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Posted by Håvard Danielsen on 03-Sep-2019 21:03

There is a SmartLobField that allows a BLOB or CLOB field to be visualized and edited in ADM2.  If the CLOB can be edited in an ABL editor I believe you can use an editor widget in a SmartViewer as long as you use a large editor. (I could be wrong)  

There are some standard/common SDO methods that cannot be used with LOBs in the SDO, as for example columnValue. There is a columnLongcharValue that can be used instead. I cannot remember columnValue being used by default adm2, so my guess (and hope) is that you can change this. If it is called from default adm2 then provide the stack trace.

I can provide more details later if necessary, but not today.

edit: "use an editor widget" was "use this"

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