Bar graph re-positioning in Excel using Progress

Posted by p_kambi on 29-Apr-2019 06:46

Hi Community ,

We have utility developed in Progress which created data labels and bar graph in excel based on the input provided.

However , currently the bar graph is positioned randomly in Excel , where we would like to position the bar graph in particular Row/cell in excel.

Please find the below code snippet for your reference.


chChart = chWorkBook:Charts:Add()
chChart:ChartType = 57 /* xlBarClustered = 57 */
chChart:HasTitle = TRUE.
chChart:ChartTitle:Characters:Text = hold-mem.
chChart:ApplyDataLabels(5 /* xlDataLabelsShowLabelAndPercent = 5 */).
chChart:Location(3 /* xlLocationAsObject = 2 */, "Detail":U).


Any inputs/suggestion is appreciated.



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Posted by James Palmer on 29-Apr-2019 10:22

In general, the easiest way to find the syntax for COM operations in Excel is to do what you want while recording a macro, then examine the VB of the macro. It's usually not too hard to then convert that code to Progress code.

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