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Posted by dvoyat on 18-Sep-2018 08:50


Does anybody knows if there's a possibility to get some extra infos added in, in a similar manner as what [Environment] address in where I can define some specific variable settings. Customized environment settings helps me managing CI/CD which sometimes required we stop/restart specific Progress components (appserver, db, pasoe instances..) I can locate easily baesed on the tailored setting. Ideally tcman config/instances  to report any tailored variable added. 


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Posted by Matt Baker on 18-Sep-2018 09:13

Hi Denis,

I'm not quite sure what you're asking for.   Are you looking to setup environment variables for your PASOE setup that you can access from ABL code?  Or are you asking for arbitrary values you can add to these files that would have no affect on runtime?

Posted by dvoyat on 19-Sep-2018 04:44

Thanks Matt. We do have some server running differents database all of them having their own appserver set for instance. In order to automate stop/restart separately I've been using some environmment setting in and manage to recognize which ones to use (actually using asbman -listallprops + combination grep/awk). It's easy to replicate on different servers with different appserver name but following same configuration standard. I was wondering should there be anything similar possible in eg or I'm more asking for arbitrry value not affecting runtime (even those I use in can be available/use at runtime too).

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