Vote and report your suggestions for OE11.6

Posted by Jean Richert on 18-Nov-2014 03:53

Hi all,

If you're an OpenEdge user and are interested to vote and report suggestions to be included in OE11.6, you'll be glad to hear that we have just opened a Products Enhancements specially dedicated to that future release.

Please follow this link to reach it.

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Posted by Lieven De Foor on 18-Nov-2014 06:04

Hi Jean,

I see Rob already copied some ideas from the other sections (OE Development) to this new section, but this means all votes from the original Idea get lost.

2 of the ideas I posted are currently top voted in the OE Development section (23 votes on "Complete OO functionality in ABL" and 22 votes on "Add enums to the ABL language").

It surely can't be the preferred way to copy/paste these ideas, and get as much people to vote on them again?

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 18-Nov-2014 07:51

That thread needs to be just an extraction of suggestions fom the ideas thread - right now it's turning into a messy  "ideas"  thread instead of prioritizing a list of possibilities derived from the ideas thread.

Posted by Mike Fechner on 18-Nov-2014 07:57

I'd like to mention also the OpenEdge Info-Exchange session on Thursday 16:45 during PUG Challenge, room Cologne).

Posted by Jean Richert on 19-Nov-2014 03:55

[mention:04e040a388574bee96c841b1935762a5:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]  and [mention:834b473463c04ade8de02f0bd88082ae:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05], our OE Product Managers wanted to try a new approach  through this initiative where the OpenEdge development team will select the most popular ones and dedicate, up to 20% of the release development resources addressing these requests.

Posted by Jean Richert on 19-Nov-2014 03:56

By the way, we just added another set of ideas for the OE DB side...

Posted by andrew.may on 19-Nov-2014 04:48


The community has already (over the last few months) been voting up/down those ideas that they want in the product in the next release.

*** That's what the ideas section already is! ***

What is the point of creating a new ideas section just for 11.6 & then forcing us to copy ideas over & lose historical votes.

This seems very misguided.

It almost suggests that the PMs haven't been staying on top of the existing ideas & so are overwhelmed & want to start over. If this is the case then there should be a better way of doing this.

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