Differentiate Character Client & Client

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Differentiate Character Client & Client

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Posted by kevin_saunders on 29-Jul-2009 03:16

Character Client runs on Unix/Linux and DOS and Client runs on Windows.

Posted by Admin on 29-Jul-2009 03:27

A little bit of background information about your request might help giving you a satisfying reply.

Posted by Admin on 07-Aug-2009 01:23

Right now i am working on Migration Project.

I want to know the difference between Character Client Environment @ Client Environment detaily.

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Posted by ChUIMonster on 07-Aug-2009 07:53

The word "client" is often used where the word "interface" would be more appropriate.

There are clients and there are user interfaces.  "Character Client" is a way of referring to the character based user interface.  This is the old, classic, "green screen" terminal interface.  We sometimes refer to this as "ChUI" (Character UI).

A character client may be either a "self-service client" or a "remote client" (also called client/server).

A self-service client connects directly to the database and uses shared memory to communicate.  It is very fast (but some would say that it is "ugly".)

A remote client uses sockets to communicate with a server through the network layer.  The extra overhead of socket based communication imposes significant latency on data transfers.  Careful coding is required to minimize the impact.  A character client can connect remotely if it is on a remote machine.  A character client can also connect as if it were a remote client even if it is on the same machine as the db -- this is sometimes done to work around certain reliability issues on some releases (it has a performance impact though and it is not recommended as a general practice).

GUI interfaces come in two distinct flavors.  The old "Progress GUI" and the new DotNET GUI.  Some people like GUI interfaces better than character.  GUI interfaces are almost always remote clients although it is possible to run them self-service if the database and the interface happen to both be on the same machine.

To complicate things both Character and GUI interfaces can also use app-servers.  App servers are a variety of client/server access that permit business logic and/or data access to be run remotely from the client.  The app server client is a batch interface.  Ideally the app server itself runs as a self-service client to the database for performance reasons (but it does have the capability of connecting client/server).

A browser based UI or Web UI uses a batch client to generate web pages.  In this scenario there is no Progress component running at the actual user-interface.

Progress also has a product called "Web Client" that is like an add-on to a web browser which runs the Progress GUI.  This interface cannot, however, connect to a database.  It must go through an app server to do that.

The GUI user interface is only available on Windows.  There is no Mac GUI and there is no X11 GUI.

The character user interface is supported by Progress in all versions and on all platforms.  Event driven and object oriented programming work just fine with ChUI.  (Some people sometimes get confused and believe that ChUI code must be "procedural".)  A limited number of  "Windows GUI only" features are not available to ChUI clients and several elements of the language are needlessly different between ChUI and GUI.  While sometimes annoying and occasionally maddening most of those differences are only occasionally encountered.  If you have properly architected your code so that UI, Business Logic and Data Access are clearly separated these differences will not bother you.  Even if you haven't they will only come up when dealing with UI stuff -- data manipulation and business logic are 100% compatible.

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deivaa.revathi schrieb:

Right now i am working on Migration Project.

Migrating from what version/platform to which version/platform?

We might give you a more detailed response when we know what you need to know.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 07-Aug-2009 13:11

There is also a character client on Windows.

Posted by ChUIMonster on 07-Aug-2009 13:15

"The character user interface is supported by Progress in all versions and on all platforms."  That would generally include Windows

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