Help Needed - How do you Backup a progress database?

Posted by Admin on 24-Sep-2009 04:10

I hope I am in the right place.

I need to set the Progress database to backup automatically every night.

I have never used Progress and would really like some help...I have NO idea how to achieve this at the minute.

Any help is appreciated



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Posted by kevin_saunders on 24-Sep-2009 04:34

You want to use the probkup command - this is the inbuilt Progress utility for backing up a Progress/OpenEdge database. If you want it done automatically on a set schedule, then you need to set up a cron script to do it..

Posted by Admin on 24-Sep-2009 04:36

thanks for the reply

I am going to assume you do this in the proenv part...use the probkup there.

What is generally in the cron script?

Posted by Admin on 24-Sep-2009 10:16

Well I have managed to backup the demo databases....

I need to backup the live database then create a .bat file on a scheduled task.

Can anyone explain why I am getting a "no server found for database..." error...I change the directory to the db directory then type

Probkup online databasename.db c:\db.pbk -com

And I get an error.....

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 24-Sep-2009 11:18

The right forum would probably be the OpenEdge / RDBMS forum.

Do you have manuals?  They are available on-line at PSDN.  Look up probkup.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 24-Sep-2009 11:21

Online backup is for when a server is running.  Offline backup is for when a server isn't running.  Offline is a bit tidier and runs faster, but online allows people to continue working after the initial snapshot of the BI is made.  When you restore an online backup, the database will need to go through crash recovery when first started.  If you do online, you want to time it so that there is a clear time which the backup relates to in work flow.  This will correspond to the start of the backup.  If you use AI, which you should, then that is less important.

Posted by Admin on 25-Sep-2009 04:02


I just need to create a .bat file now and learn more about progress.

The online isn't working just now but users are logged in during the day so it maybe something to do with that.

Posted by kevresult2 on 26-Sep-2009 12:21


Something like  in a  .bat file

set  DLC=c:\dlc

%DLC%\bin\probkup  online   c:\data\mydatabase    c:\backups\copyofmydatabase

If doing an ONLINE backup

set  DLC=c:\dlc

%DLC%\bin\probkup    c:\data\mydatabase    c:\backups\copyofmydatabase

If doing an OFFLINE backup

Depending on your version of Progress this should just do it as one "probkup" file.  Older versions used to have limits on size so you would end up with multiple 2GB files.

As someone mentioned when you do the ONLINE mode, transactions in the database are halted while a copy of the Before Image (roll back logs) are taken and then for a period

of time while the backup is running the system will be slower.

Hope this helps.

In the database log (which is a text file) e.g.   mydatabase.lg    there will be entries to say that a probkup had been taken.



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