9.1d conecting 10.1b, is it possible ?

Posted by Sidival on 24-Oct-2009 09:11

Hi, here we are changing de progress 9.1d to 10.1b and then we are with this problem:

There are two bases, one in progress 9.1d and another in progress 10.1b and we like to conect both  to change dates between it.

The question is :

Is it possible ? and how ?

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Posted by Admin on 24-Oct-2009 09:19

10.1b client can connect to 9.1d database using a network connection.

9.1d client cannot connect to 10.1b server.

Posted by ChUIMonster on 24-Oct-2009 10:03

Or you can use an app server.  App servers allow you to connect any version client to any version database.  (App servers only go back to version 8 though so "any version" is version 8 or higher...)

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