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Posted by Froy on 15-Jun-2010 03:59


I have the following problem : I'm trying to introduce a research feature in my programm, the request to the server is just fine my DataSet's got the correct datas. Despites my grid doesn't update with the new datas in my DataSet.

I tried to refresh the bindingSource, to use the Synchronize methode on the buffer. None worked so far.

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Posted by Froy on 15-Jun-2010 04:06

Here's the code for the Synchronize attempt :

/*hDs is the Handle of the DataSet*/


And here the code for the Refresh attempt :

/*bsCmdeCli is the bindingSource on the table CmdeCli*/


Posted by marko.rueterbories on 15-Jun-2010 04:14

Hey Patrick,

to refresh the data shown in your Browser you have to reopen the TOP-NAV-QUERY of the DATASET


And after that refresh the data of the BindingSource by

bsCmdeCli:RefrechAll ().

Hope that helps.



Posted by Froy on 15-Jun-2010 04:30

I tried to reopen the query and it now works just fine !

Thanks you Marko for the help.



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